Hot Stone Spa Use Process
Hot Stone Spa Use Process
  1. Change casual clothes
  2. Drink some water before having the Stonespa. It makes avoid sweat and bring water shortage
  3. Cover a large towel on the hot stone bed
  4. Lying way:
    Prone (warm period) 10-15 minutes
    Lie down for 5 minutes, the hot stone spa warm up your organs. Then 10 minutes warm, you will feel heart
    rate rapidly and your body temperature will gradually increase. It means the blood circulation began to active in your body
    Back (sweat period) 10-15 minutes
    Lie down for 10 minutes, warm shoulder, waist, lower limbs. The pain mostly concentrated in the shoulder and neck, back, waist and the fat is also thick, so need a little longer for warm up. Another 5 minutes for the main perspiration Sweat glands began to secrete regulation of body temperature. Sweat volume is about running 10 km
    Side (Drain fat period) 10-15 minutes
    Recommended you repeat after the second side of the side, it can promote the armpit lymphatic gland detoxification. Another 5 minutes is for the main fat
  5. After that, take rest for 5 minutes, do not forget to drink water
  6. Change your clothes
  7. The particles of Good Perspiration are smaller and without organic materials such as protein or amino acid.
    There is nothing for the bacteria to decompose, so there won’t be stinky smell. No need take shower.