The Differences Between Stone Spa And Sauna
  Stonespa Sauna
Temperature 38℃~42℃ 70℃~73℃
Humidity 60~70% 30~40%
Pressure on Heart and Lungs Less More
Variation of Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Less More
Sweat Condition
  1. The body slowly warms up from inside and then starts perspiration. The sweat is almost the same as pure water.
  2. The perspiration is refreshing and it doesn’t smell.
  3. Metabolizing heavy metal toxic sebum from sebaceous glands.
  4. No need for shower afterwards. The sebaceous membrane can protect our skin.
  5. The effect is like natural toner.
  1. The body temperature rises rapidly from the surface of skin that urges perspiration.
  2. The perspiration is sticky with stinky smell.
  3. Metabolizing water, salt, ammonia from sweat gland.
  4. Shower is necessary.