Facial Treatment
Aqua Catiovital Facial Treatment
Aqua catiovital facial care can quickly replenish skin moisture and oxygen and reinforce skin regrowth and smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles. They can restore oxygen content and comprehensively regulate skin protection strength.
Whitening Cell Renewal Facial Treatment
The use of acoustic vibration will be the bottom of the cell renewal and protect the skin from aging. Alongside the unique meridian massage technique, allowing the premium ingredients deeply nourishes the skin from the inside to the outside, which is different to the common facial treatments with limiting performance on the skin surface.
Pearl Deep Moisturizing Facial Treatment
Pearl contains Conchiolin Proteinogenic Amino Acids which is a high quality protein. The use of ionized metal rods to promote micro-current which accelerate the essence of pearls to penetrate the underlying skin care and make the skin regeneration and skin whitening effect. It improves skin moisturization, skin tightening and enhances contour.
Roe Essence Collagen Skin Tightening Treatments
The essence of roe contains multiple victims, minerals, fat, and proteins as well as the ability to lock moist in the skin. It enhances the elasticity and shininess of the skin, just like that of a baby.
Apricots Facial Whitening Treatments
Apricots contain minerals such as proteins, vitamin A, B15, B17, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Vitamin A is an essential ingredient for healthy skin, which can moisturize facial skin, skin whitening, pores tightening, exfoliating, removing dullness and fatigue of skin and leaving long lasing moisturized skin.